Over the last months I have been pitching to various business conferences my two mantras – "Put me out of business" and "Why it is a bad idea to poison your customers."  For those who read newspapers and magazines (OK, not one of the VP candidates) or who subscribe to my blog and have seen the number of recent foodborne illness outbreaks, I am not sure that businesses are yet hearing the message. 

So, I thought I would take a slightly different approach – I am going to teach lawyers in Louisiana how I do what I do – like teaching the ABC’s (Art by Robert Bolesta).  Perhaps convincing a bunch of hungry trial lawyers how to sue food companies who poison their customers, will wake up a few more companies.  This Friday I have the honor to speak at the Mass Tort Symposium.  My speech is entitled "Case Selection/Case Resolution."  I will also be presenting a paper entitled "Separating the Chaff from the Wheat:  How to determine the strength of a foodborne illness claim."  Click on the link above to download the paper and click on the PowerPoint below to see outline of the speech: