The raw milk drinkers and I have not been getting on well lately. Since this is my blog, I do not have to write down all their descriptions of me. However, a few moments on will give you a sense of their animus.

I must admit that I am not blameless. I recently described them to New York Magazine as “a combination of tea baggers and granolas.” I then got quoted in USA Today as pointing out that "[r]aw milk is where the right and left come back together. It’s an intersection for the ‘back to nature’ and the ‘don’t tread on me,’ people — they’re the granola tea-partiers."

But, it was Michael Feldman’s Op-ed in the New York Times, “Crying Over Raw Milk,” however, that was the best, when he coined the phrase “teat party” to describe the political phenomena.

So, is the “teat party" a "farce to be reckoned with" or “udderly ridiculous?”  My suggestion is to spend time on and decide for yourself.