Borrowing a bit from Dylan.

We shall see if this new move from FSIS is more aspirational or more realistic.

However, despite not have any clear time lines or regulations, things I never thought I would hear from the USDA/FSIS:

23% of foodborne Salmonella illnesses are attributable to poultry consumption.

… Considering requiring … incoming flocks be tested for Salmonella.

FSIS is assessing whether certain levels or types of Salmonella on raw poultry product present an elevated risk of causing human illness such that they should be considered adulterants. As a result, the Agency is considering implementing a final product standard or standards to ensure that product contaminated with Salmonella that is likely to make people sick is not sold to consumers.

I am reminded of Voltaire’s quote: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

I still think my Salmonella Petition would be perfect –

But as Otto von Bismarck said: “Politics is the art of the possible.”

Here is the full release at 3:15 AM: