Dawn House  of the Salt Lake Tribune reported today that  more people being sickened by E. coli bacteria in recalled ground beef prompted renewed pleas for consumers to check their freezers for the tainted product.  Beef in the recall, which has been broadened from 75,000 pounds to 370,000 pounds, has sickened 14 people in states from Utah to California, federal and state officials say. Five have been hospitalized.  The ground beef recall, which was initiated Sunday but was increased fivefold Wednesday and included a variety of brands sold by several difference grocery chains.

  • Karen

    I am OUTRAGED that it took over a month for the United Food Group to discover, announce and recall the E.Coli tainted beef. I am sure that there were quite a number more of people sickened with E. Coli than the 14 reported cases. Most sickened with an intestinal disorder of unknown origin will usually attribute it to a flu bug of sorts and ride it out. In My Sons case I would of prompted him more aggressively from the beginning to seek medical attention had I known there was a possibility he was infected with E. Coli. It wasn’t until after he was having Black stools and looked somewhat anemic with no energy, along with continued severe abdominal pain that I finally convinced him to see a Doctor. He became severely ill with this intestinal disorder a couple days before Mothers Day. He suffered with symptoms consisting of black stools, diarrhea, abdominal distention, severe pain, nausea, and extreme fatigue. After 5 days the symptoms were still severe enough to warrant a check up at the doctors. They took a blood workup and told him to come back and bring a stool sample. However he already missed work due to this and couldn’t afford to take off any more days. He started to feel somewhat better but still in a lot discomfort. I kept him hydrated, and gave him various medications to treat the individual symptoms as they surfaced. Its been 3 weeks and he is just now starting to feel almost normal with isolated periods of discomfort. And this week I hear they recall this ground beef, and I am like OMG..Is this what he had!!!…Lumped with weird symptoms that weren’t consistent with the usual intestinal bug, the fact it has affected him this long, and that he buys and uses one of those chubs at least a once week. I had him check his freezer and sure enough he still has a recalled chub of beef. I am wondering what he should do from here? Take the meat back to the Store? Or have it tested for the E.Coli? It angers me to no end that they can get away with having a product that has made people ill and not discovering or announcing it till far after the damage has been done. They are so fortunate more people didn’t become sicker or die from lack of being informed of the possibility and attributed it to something else until it could have become severe enough to cause irreversible long term heath problems or even death, which most the time could be preventable with early diagnosis. I am sure its too late now to turn in a stool sample to confirm anything either way. Like Usual this company will get away with most of their liability for their product just like the dog food recall because the public wasn’t informed promptly. The damage has been done, and for most it is to late prove their case for any kind of recourse. More outrageous is the fact that the public will never know the truth about how many people or animals were adversely affected due to the ineptness of government to adequately monitor the safety of our food sources. I think companies get away with holding back, part of their damage control mode of operation. To delay informing the public is to reduce their liability, and maybe even become fortunate enough to sweep it entirely under the rug. Then on top of adding insult to injury I am sure our government drags their feet because it doesn’t want people to panic or to help minimize upset the economy of the food industry. Who are they working for anyway, us or them? They together try and push us into this false sense of security. How many people or pets have to become sickened or die before we say enough is enough. When will the time come when a life is valued over the almighty buck?

  • Fear not! All these meat recalls will soon be a thing of the past. Our wonderful USDA has a plan that will punish all those bad farmers who raised that tainted beef! Called NAIS(national animal identification system), it will require evil ranchers to be under more surveillance than illegals, drug dealers or child molesters. All those who own even one cow, pig, horse, chicken or other farm animal will be required to register their premises, microchip each critter, no matter if it is a pet or potential food. Then they must, under threat of huge fines, file birth, death and movement reports (within 24 hours) on every last critter on the place. If animal disease is even suspected in an area, the USDA can go in and kill all the animals. The purpose of this oh-so-wonderful-thanks-for-protecting-us program is to provide 48 hour traceback should a disease be suspected. The only problem with this program is that e-coli happens after the cow is slaughtered, which is when NAIS tracking stops. The beef is most vulnerable to being tainted in those processing plants. And the fact the majority of beef is raised by corporate agriculture, who will not be required to tag and track each animal because they raise them in lots, they they get only ONE number per groups of animals. Any one of those critters in that group could be diseased and who would know. But as long as there are appearances of something being done, the city dwellers will eat in peace, while granny and her few egg hens will be tracked closer than the illegals everybody is making such a fuss about and that will make our beef supply oh so safe. See nonais dot org for more info on the true impact NAIS will have on all of us who eat!

  • j

    My whole family got sick from this recall. What should I do?

  • Meagan

    Sitting here on my back with salmonella…
    So, when are they going to microchip tomatoes?