Ashley Rowland of Stars and Stripes reported this evening on the ongoing failure of business and government to protect consumers, even military families, from dangerous, recalled products. She wrote from Korea that military officials are urging shoppers at Pacific bases to make sure they don’t have recalled frozen pizzas and cat vitamins in their homes. The products, recalled on November 1, include Jeno’s and Totino’s frozen meat pizzas, produced by General Mills, which were contaminated with E. coli; and Vitamin Care for Cats, produced by Hartz Mountain Corp. and contaminated with Salmonella.

  • Pierce Kelley

    If this is the same Ashley Rowland who used to write for the Gainesville Sun, she is an excellent investigative journalist who is relentless in her pursuit of a story. She wrote many articles about a slum-lord in Gainesville, among other things. If she wrote it, I’d read it and take it as truth. If she reads this, I’d like for her to contact me about the stories she wrote about Kennedy Homes.