Sarah Palin, was she in Georgia?  According to NPR, “She’s also a moose-burger-eating, snow-mobile-riding maverick who’s not afraid to take on fellow Republicans she disagrees with.”  Jesse, you did not eat the moose burgers did you?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that this week, while conducting voter registration drives in Ohio and Georgia, the 66-year-old civil rights leader was stricken with food poisoning.  He’s now at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he was diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis and severe dehydration.  Jesse, my email is

Hell, it could have been E. coli.

Intestinal fecal contents of recently killed birds (three ring-billed gulls, two cas-pian terns, two starlings, one cowbird, one common grackle, one crow, one mourning dove, and one mallard duck) and mammals (12 beavers, 3 white-tailed deer, 2 mule deer, 2 moose, 1 squirrel, 1 ground hog, 1 red fox, and 1 raccoon) were tested for the presence of VTEC. Only one sample was found to be positive for VTEC. An O157:H7 strain was isolated from fecal contents extracted from the intestine of a moose killed in a collision with a car.