Pennsylvania Department of Health reported an additional five Campylobacter cases have been confirmed linked to raw milk produced by the Your Family Cow dairy.  The total now stands at 65 the Pennsylvania Department of Health reported Monday.

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 5.54.51 PM.pngThe latest breakdown of illnesses by state are:

Pennsylvania (56),

Maryland (4),

West Virginia (3), and

New Jersey (2).

Raw milk in two unopened bottles from the dairy tested positive for the outbreak strain of Campylobacter, according to Maryland health officials.

  • Jon

    In Iowa today a former candidate for Secty of Ag stated that selling raw milk could help dairy farmers get started in the business because pasteurization equipment costs between a quarter and 1 million dollars. If the going price of milk on the grocery shelf is $4, he would have to sell 250,000 gallons to buy his pasteurizer. If the average, well fed cow produces up to 10 gallons/day, that’s nearly 70 years. I think Bossy will be pretty tired by the time she heads to hamburger heaven. He also went on to say that “driving on the highway to get raw milk was riskier than drinking raw milk.” . This arguement is ludicrous. We know raw milk is dangerous. We have known this of over 100 years.
    Finally, to those who use the fact that they were raised on raw milk with no ill effects as an arguement for legalization, I would suggest that when they were young they probably lounged in the backseat of their parents car without a childseat. Would they suggest that is a good reason to allow your babies to bounce around in your car. I doubt it. Let good science steer the debate and a ban on raw milk will always win out.

  • Helen Piotter

    Pasteurization equipment for on-farm processing would not be that expensive. Small vat pasteurizers that have been approved for legal pasteurization are available.
    The quote listed above would be for an full-blown high temperature short time, with all the bells and whistles, commercial unit.
    I just think that needed to be clarified.