I’m not sure I will get through what I plan on saying today at Dave’s Memorial, so I thought I would put it here:

Funerals are painful, and our hearts go out to Jill and the entire Theno clan. We all share just a small part of your grief.

Funerals are also uncomfortable, because they

I have been thinking about Dave Theno a lot today.  I recall that several time before I wrote the below, Dave an I shared a few glasses of good wine.  I am not sure what I’m going to do without Dave.

Food Safety is the crazy uncle of corporate food production – everyone has one

In 2013, I wrote a piece on my blog about “Why I Love my Job.”  Its ironic how much of my job and my life over they last 25 years has been intertwined with Dave Theno.  I will miss the occasions we shared a good meal – Dave with a rare steak and