Doug Powell, master of the “Barf Blog,’ posted on the ongoing “discussion” happening in Wisconsin surrounding raw milk.

“We just don’t see that as an issue.”

That’s what Kathy Kramer, a so-called nutritionist and office manager at the Weston A. Price Foundation in Washington, D.C., told Mike Nichols of the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Online when he asked, what if people get sick from drinking raw or unpasteurized milk?

Really, don’t see it as an issue? Here is a lady who paid attention to the Weston A. Price Foundation and it’s push for “Cow Shares.”

Raw Milk Risks: Mari Tardiff Campylobacter Illness from Marlerclark on Vimeo.


For more information on the outbreak that sickened Mari, see The Alexandre Eco Farms Dairy Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak.  For a round-up of Raw Milk outbreaks and the impacts on some of the consumers, see Before you consider drinking raw milk, PLEASE read this and watch these videos.  And, given that there seems to be a few raw milk outbreaks going on right now, I would think the Weston A. Price Foundation would come up with another spokesperson – Campylobacter Illnesses Linked to Raw Milk in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Although Steve Bemis, lawyer and Michigan milk drinker, told the Kalamazoo News:

“I don’t agree (the disease outbreak) has been linked to the milk,” said Stephen Bemis, the farm’s attorney. “That’s what the health department has said, but they are not sharing with us what their investigation has shown.  “We know there has been flu going around,” Bemis said, “and we know people who never drank this or any raw milk who were sick.”

For a summary of just a few raw milk outbreaks, download this word document.