jack in the box ecoli outbreakI was asked last night how long I have been representing people sickened by food poisoning. It is a bit of a long story, but it really started in 1993, when I was able to secure a $15.6 million settlement on behalf of the most seriously injured survivor of the 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli food poisoning outbreak, and several other multiple million dollar settlements on behalf of other Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak victims. Since then I have represented thousands of victims of E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Listeria, Shigella, Campylobacter and Norovirus cases in over thirty states.

Some of the more notable results were:
– A reported $12 million settlement with Odwalla on behalf of five children who were severely injured after drinking E. coli-contaminated Odwalla apple juice in 1996.
– A $4.6 million jury award on behalf of eleven children who became ill with E. coli food poisoning infections after eating school lunch at Finley Elementary School (Finley, Washington) in 1998.
– A $11 million settlement with BJ’s Wholesale Club on behalf of a six-year-old New York girl who became ill with E. coli after eating a contaminated hamburger in 2001.
– A $6.25 million settlement on behalf of a man who was forced to receive a liver transplant after he become ill with hepatitis A food poisoning during an outbreak traced to green onions served at a Chi-Chi’s restaurant near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2003.
In addition, I have been counsel in:
Dole E. coli Outbreak
Sheetz Salmonella Outbreak
Paramount Farms Salmonella Outbreak
Sequoias Portola Valley E. coli Outbreak
Chi-Chi’s Hepatitis A Litigation
Gold Coast Produce E. coli Litigation
Golden Corral Salmonella Litigation
Habanero’s E. coli Litigation
Chili’s Salmonella Litigation
Peninsula Village E. coli Litigation
Harmony Farms Salmonella Outbreak
Clarkston Quality Inn Salmonella Outbreak
KFC E. coli Outbreak
WA State Penitentiary Campylobacter Outbreak
Spokane Produce E. coli Outbreak
Emmpak E. coli Outbreak
King Garden E. coli Outbreak
BJ’s E. coli Outbreak
Conagra E. coli Outbreak
Brook-Lea Salmonella Outbreak
Kunick Salmonella Outbreak
Western Sizzlin’ Salmonella Outbreak
Shipley Sales Salmonella Outbreak
Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel Norwalk Virus Outbreak
Abbott Cheese Listeria Outbreak
Robeson E. coli Outbreak
Black Forrest Salmonella Outbreak
Bauer Meat E. coli Outbreak
Malt-O-Meal Salmonella Outbreak
Golden Corral E. coli Outbreak
Sun Orchard Salmonella Outbreak
Subway Hepatitis A Outbreak
San Antonio Taco Salmonella Outbreak
Karl Ehmer E. coli Outbreak
Supervalu E. coli Outbreak
Linh’s Bakery Salmonella Outbreak
McDonalds Hepatitis A Outbreak
China Buffet E. coli Outbreak
Royal Fork Shigella Outbreak
Kentucky Fried Chicken E. coli Outbreak
D’Angelo’s Hepatitis A Outbreak
Viva Mexico Shigella Outbreak
Sizzler E. coli Outbreak
Carl’s Jr. Hepatitis A Outbreak
Wendy’s E. coli Outbreak
Senor Felix Shigella Outbreak
Excel E. coli Outbreak
For more information on the above cases, see www.marlerclark.com