Another press release from Peanut Corporation of America:

There has been a great deal of confusing and misleading information in the media. We want the public to know that there were regular visits and inspections of the Blakely facility by federal and state regulators in 2008. Independent audit and food safety firms also conducted customary unannounced inspections of the Blakely facility in 2008. One gave the plant an overall "superior" rating, and the other rated the plant as "Meet or Exceeds audit expectations (Acceptable-Excellent)" ratings. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ongoing investigations, we will not be able to comment further about the facts related to this matter at this time.

I guess it begs the questions – Where are the audits?  Who ordered them?  What do they say?  What did Kellogg and King Nut know and when did they know it?