has found that an Arby’s in Washington State responsible for an outbreak of salmonella poisoning has a history of temperature violations – as do many other Arby’s locations across the country.  Full story at:

Customers Sick From Eating At Arby’s – Chain Has Many Repeat Violations

It’s the second time in less than a year that Arby’s customers are sick with salmonella poisoning. In both outbreaks, health officials have found that roast beef was sliced on a contaminated slicing machine.  Health department investigators say the Arby’s meat slicer tested positive for salmonella. They also found that four Arby’s employees were infected with salmonella. The same problem made Arby’s customers sick last year in Valdosta, Georgia. A bacteria-filled slicer contaminated sandwiches with salmonella, sending 19 to the hospital.

I am still in Australia where I will be giving three talks later this week to the food industry.  We will post the PowerPoints in the next few days.

  • ex arbys worker

    i was hired on at this arby’s directly after this outbreak. the reason for this outbreak was the slicer cleaning. roasts were left on the slicer for hours at a time and the slicer was rarely cleaned. turkey, ham, corned beef, and roast beef were sliced on the slicer without being cleaned inbetween meats. in addition things like tomatos and onions were also sliced without cleaning. the sanitizer that was being used was not able to kill salmonila. when i started they switched to bleach and implemented 30 minute roast rotation, and 2 hour slicer cleanings. i hope my information was helpful to understand how this could have been avoided.