As of Friday, the total number of Salmonella cases had reached 372, with 99 stool cultures confirmed and 14 hospitalized. 

Within the first week of the salmonella outbreak, as of March 18, 18-20 cases were confirmed through lab testing and another 56 met the clinical definition, but were not lab confirmed.  Four people were hospitalized. By March 20 the lab-confirmed cases had risen to 47 with an additional 76 meeting the clinical definition.  The hospitalizations had risen to 5. By the weekend there were 130 known cases of salmonella with 7 hospitalized. By March 24 there were 217 reported cases, with 68 lab confirmed cases.  By the middle of that week the number of cases had risen to 276, 73 lab confirmed and 10 hospitalized.  As of March 28 there were 293 total cases, 78 confirmed and 12 hospitalized. As of March 30 the total had risen to 316, 85 confirmed and 12 hospitalized.  On April 2 the number had risen to 343, 91 confirmed and 13 hospitalized.  From April 2 to April 4 the number rose to 372 with 99 confirmed and 14 hospitalized.  Of the April 4 total, ages of the victims were: 14 under 5 months old; 24 from 6-11 months of age; 25 1-year-olds; 63 in the 2-4-year-old range; 66 from 5-12 years old; 43 in the 13-18 age range; 132 over 18 years old; and 5 unknown.  To date we have been contacted by over 35 ill people, most stool culture confirmed.  The below Epi curve is courtesy of