From Richard Rivera (a.k.a. devoted husband, father and Sen. Reid constituent)

Unbelievable!!! After being promised not once, not twice but three times by Senator Reid and or his office that they would get this bill pushed through and for it not to get pushed is a crying shame. I /Linda are very disappointed. I guess it is going to have to take one of our Senators, wives, mothers, daughters or some family member) to get E-Coli or some type of food borne illness for them to understand the devastation this causes not only to the patient, but to the entire family and extended family.

I am not saying the bill was perfect or that I understand it 100% but some action is better than no action plus we can always amend the bill at a later date can’t we? Like I have said before that if this bill saves just 1 life and 1 family from going through what Linda, myself and our 6 kids (along with the countless others before and after us) have gone through for the past 16.5 months than it is worth it. Just imagine if it saved hundreds of people each year the pain and agony that thousands go through each year, would that be such a bad outcome?

I feel like we should now be able to hold you the Senate accountable for these illnesses as well as the manufacturer because of your inability to take a stand for us the consumers when you knew/know what the outcome could be. If any of you Senators would like to talk with Linda and myself about this please call our Attorney Mr. Bill Marler and he will set up a teleconference with us, but be ready to spend an hour or two with us not 5 minutes we want you to get a full impact of what Linda has gone through let alone our family.

That about sums it up.