Rumor has it that Governor Jim Doyle told an online agriculture news site he has not made up his mind one way or another on the raw milk bill the Wisconsin legislature passed. The Governor reportedly told Wisconsin Ag Connection a final decision will be made next week. This statement came just one day after two national milk marketing groups took Wisconsin lawmakers to task for putting together the bill, which would allow limited sale of raw, unpasteurized milk.

Perhaps the Governor looked at the videos I sent him?

Perhaps the Governor listened to me (3:00 AM Seattle Time) chatting on the “Takeaway” with:

David Gumpert is the author of The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights. He says that, under the right circumstances, raw milk is safe. And Bill Marler is an attorney who represents foodborne illness victims. He’s also the editor of He says that raw milk can be extremely risky to people’s health.

Or, perhaps he read this AP article:

Seattle attorney Bill Marler has represented children and families all over the country sickened by E. coli and other food contaminants. As raw milk sales become more common, an inevitable outbreak if illness will make legislators regret liberalizing the laws, he said.

“I’ve just seen too much illness and death due to bacterial contamination, and I frankly just think we ought to minimize it to the extent possible,” Marler said. “When legislation is passed that unwinds 60 years of public health, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences.”

  • Bill, as I recall it (it was early for me, too, so bear with me), you said to effect on the radio program yesterday, “I recognize that raw milk is here to stay.”
    Guess I wonder: Have you ever seen any serious legislation anywhere supporting access to raw milk that you could support? My sense is that you can support raw milk in theory, but in practice, railing against specific proposed laws (even one as limited as Wisconsin’s) is just too much of a reflex action for you.
    David Gumpert
    author: The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights

  • Bill! How awful that you had to get up at that unGodly hour for the ridiculous taste test spot on the radio. I never listened to that show and certainly have no inclination to do so. Hope your clients appreciate things like this that you must do on behalf of those you represent.
    “Are you sick yet?” WTF? That is at best, irresponsible journalism. At worst, mocking what is a serious issue.
    They could have dispensed w/the ridiculous taste test and had more time to explore the issue.