photoPCA.JPGFamily members of six PCA victims spoke today at a press conference in Washington D.C. on a day that most things will be pushed aside because of the dramatic change ongoing in Egypt. Even if the news might relegate the PCA victims to the back pages of the news, or late night T.V., or some obscure blog, what these people did today for all of us was significant.

Lou Tousignant – Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lou’s father, Clifford Tousignant, a Korean War veteran who was awarded three Purple Hearts during his service, died after consuming Salmonella-contaminated PCA products while in a nursing home.

Jeff Almer – Savage, Minnesota. Jeff’s mother, Shirley Mae Almer, died less than two weeks after eating King Nut peanut butter containing PCA ingredients while in the care of a local nursing home.

Peter Hurley – Portland, Oregon. Peter’s son Jacob, then 3 years old, fell ill with severe Salmonella symptoms for nearly two weeks from eating his favorite pre-packaged peanut butter cracker snack.

Larry and Karen Andrew – Salome, Arizona/Roseburg, Oregon. Karen Andrew was made violently ill from PCA products.

Shirley Hullett and Shirley’s son Tony Keeve and wife Donna Keeve – Maiden, North Carolina. Shirley’s husband Bobby Ray died as a result of a Salmonella infection in November 2008.

Gabrielle Meunier – Burlington, Vermont. Gabrielle’s son Christopher was hospitalized due to a Salmonella infection during the 2008 PCA Salmonella outbreak.

Randy Napier – Medina, Ohio. Randy’s mother, Nellie Napier died in 2009 as a result of consuming King Nut peanut butter that contained PCA peanuts.

Thank you all for coming to D.C. and urging justice to be done.  Change happens when people show up.  It happened today in Egypt and we hope it happened in D.C. as well.