Today I was poring over several state health department files from a 2009 lettuce E. coli outbreak (about a dozen sick – two with HUS) that that went unreported to the media, and not investigated by the FDA, when this photo landed in my inbox:

Kim Jong Bill_Glasses Flattened[1].jpg

Since I am not dead – yet, it did make me think about what the food (besides starvation) safety issues might be in the “hermit kingdom.”

Apparently, in 2009 North Korea accused South Korea of sickening its players with “adulterated foodstuff” ahead of a World Cup qualifier and wanted football’s world governing body to investigate the claim. The North’s football association also claimed that the alleged food poisoning is part of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s “moves for confrontation” with the North.

North Korea coach Kim Jong Hun had raised the allegation after losing 1-0 to South Korea on April 1.

Kim had asked for the match to be delayed and moved to a neutral venue, claiming three of his players had food poisoning, but FIFA rejected the request. The Korea Football Association, the South’s soccer federation, said a professional sports doctor had examined the North Korean players and found no serious problem. More detailed examinations, including blood tests, were refused.

Hmm, sounds a bit like a sore loser.  I imagine it will be how the 2009 lettuce grower will feel after I complete the FDA’s unfinished job (See, Reference No. 12).