According to WALB TV 10:

A Moultrie restaurant bought tainted beef from a Nebraska distributor, which also supplied beef linked to an E. coli outbreak in Michigan and Ohio. The Barbeque Pit Steak and Seafood Restaurant voluntarily closed last Thursday at the request of the health department. Health officials called in the USDA who met Tuesday morning with the restaurant’s owners and Public Health officials. They say the meat contaminated at the Moultrie restaurant was not ground beef, but it was beef from Nebraska Beef with the same date on it as the meat recalled in Michigan and Ohio.

My guess is that there will be more illnesses.

  • I wonder how long it will take before the supplier of beef to the Barbecue Pit restaurant in Moultrie announces a recall – and when, if ever, CDC will get around to acknowledging that this outbreak goes beyond Ohio and Michigan.

  • L. McLain

    My sister was one of the eight confirmed cases in the Colquitt County area. She has suffered greatly and continues to suffer from this negligence. I cannot understand how the suppliers of meat to the restaurants in our country are allowed to remain open for business when they are making so very many people sick.

  • C Thompson

    My mother became ill with the e co li virus after eating at a restaurant in Moultrie Ga. the middle of June. It is now July 22 & she is still fighting for her life. There is no estimation on when she will be released from the hospital, no estimation on when she will be free of the effects forced on her by the e co li bacteria & still no clear cut answer as to what personal bodily expense this negligence has cost her beyond what she has already been through. When actions of neglect come at such a cost how can we possibly consider ourselves humanly caring for our own citizens in this country? Where are our watchdogs? I am aware they cannot see something like this before it happens but Nebraska Beef Ltd. has a reputation in selling contaminated meat. Why have they not been shut down? What can the everyday Joe Blow on the street do to get the entities in this country to do what is needed to be done? A daily function such as eating to maintain life should not cost that life in return. Anyone who has seen a loved one go through this nightmare called e co li would not want to see another human being go thru this.