The Journal-Times reports that the Ashland-Boyd County Kentucky Health Department investigated a case of Hepatitis A diagnosed on May 23 in an employee who worked at McDonald’s Restaurant located at 2550 Winchester Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky.

The investigation found that the risk of restaurant patrons becoming infected was very low. However, McDonald’s is working with the health department to prevent any new cases from arising in the community as a result of this case. All employees, including the diagnosed case, received the Hepatitis A vaccine prior to the May 23 diagnosis. The Winchester Avenue McDonald’s voluntarily closed after notification of the confirmed case to complete extensive disinfection of the facility.

Interesting, the Journal-Times reported that the McDonald’s chain previously established a required hepatitis A vaccination policy for all workers.

This is great, considering a hepatitis A outbreak that has sickened thousands and killed dozens in California, Utah, Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia and likely other states, has been brewing for a year.

On May 26 according to WSAZ, a case of hepatitis A was diagnosed in a food worker at the McDonald’s in Grayson, Kentucky. The McDonald’s is located along Carol Malone Boulevard in Grayson.

The Carter County Health Department says all employees at the restaurant received the hepatitis A vaccine before the diagnosis, including the person who was diagnosed. The restaurant closed voluntarily after notification about the diagnosis to sanitize the facility.

The corporate office brought in crews on Saturday, the day of the diagnosis, who disinfected the restaurant. Health officials say the risk of becoming infected if you ate at the restaurant is very low, however, the Carter County Health Department is working with McDonald’s to prevent any new cases from arising.

You have to wonder what the impetus of vaccinating food service workers was?

According to Business Insider, on April 11, 2018 McDonald’s stock dropped on following reports of an investigation of an employee who handled food while infected with hepatitis A. On Thursday, the health department of Madison County, Kentucky, reported it is investigating a single case of hepatitis A linked to an employee working while infectious at a McDonald’s in the town of Berea.

Whatever the motive, great job Ronald.