AP Chicago and AP Portland have been as busy as we have been.  Today, AP Chicago reported on one of our lawsuits – “Man Sues Claiming Salami Made Him Sick,” and AP Portland reported on the other – “Maine woman files suit over E. coli poisoning from tainted beef produced by NY-based Company.”

In Chicago Raymond Cirimele, 55, filed suit Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, claiming Rhode Island meat company Daniele International Inc., Wholesome Spice in New York and Mincing Overseas Spice Company in New Jersey failed to prevent the outbreak. Harold Hanks, 61, of Lake Ozark, Missouri last week, filed a similar lawsuit against Daniele and Wholesome Spice.

In Portland 88-year-old Alice Smith purchased tainted meat at a Shaw’s grocery store in early September and stored it in her freezer. She fell ill with an E. coli infection after she consumed the beef in November, and ended up spending a month in the hospital. She is suing New York-based Fairbank Farms in Maine.