Jessica Stephen of the Kenosha Wisconsin News reported yesterday on the lawsuit we filed on behalf of “a Pleasant Prairie woman sickened in a recent salmonella outbreak connected to” the Baker Street Restaurant & Pub.

According to the lawsuit, Dzinovic and her boyfriend ate at the restaurant on June 17. By June 21, Dzinovic was sick. Her symptoms worsened, until she finally went to a hospital June 24.  Tests confirmed she was infected with salmonella enteritidis, the same strain local health officials have since found in 28 other people from the Kenosha County area.

According to the Kenosha County Division of Health “not all the people who got sick had eaten at Baker Street… Investigators could not tell how many of the 28 people who had confirmed salmonella got sick because of food at the restaurant, Bosovich said. But, she said, enough of them had a connection to the pub to make it a focus of investigation.”