I know there is a lot of pressure to get spinach back in the market, but at a minimum, don’t you think we should figure out what cased this outbreak before we call that all is ok? 

The announcement:

Spinach grown outside of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara counties is safe to eat, a state health official said today.

California Department of Health Services Deputy Director Kevin Reilly said investigators have traced the spinach linked to the nationwide E. coli outbreak to nine farms located in those counties by using the lot number on the bag.

"Products from other locations are safe to consume," Reilly said. However, Reilly cautioned that new E. coli cases continue to be reported and officials are not ready to limit their focus to only those farms.

"We are not containing our investigation to those nine farms," Reilly said. "We will go where the information leads us."

Reilly did not know the specific locations of the nine farms beyond the fact that they were spread among the three counties