BotulismToFu.jpgThe New York City Health Department is investigating one confirmed and one suspect case of botulism, a rare but serious foodborne illness caused by an extremely potent toxin. Both patients are Chinese-speaking Queens residents and had recently purchased unrefrigerated fresh bulk tofu from the same store in Flushing.

Botulism impairs the body’s nervous system. The symptoms include blurred or double vision, weakness or paralysis, poor reflexes, difficulty swallowing and speaking, and difficulty breathing. Symptoms of foodborne botulism usually occur 12-36 hours after ingestion, but may take several days.

  • Gordon Zhang

    Better processing facilities are needed to produce safe products. Government should monitor these fresh Tofu more vigorously.

  • Ted

    Great headline! Any tofu I’ve ever seen was certainly meant for flushing. Must have been. Sure isn’t worth a hoot for eating. Slimy rancid-flavored glop. Worse than pink slime.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    I agree with our government monitoring, but this costs money. Does anybody out there think this current congress will appropriate more money for monitoring and inspections? This will never happen. Congress doesn’t care about food safety. This is not on their agenda!
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