Dale Yurong of KFSN Action News first told this story Monday night.  Now it appears that there is a common link between three groups of illnesses.  See full story – excerpt below:

Leann Beck was one of six people admitted to the hospital to be treated for E. coli. She says she got sick days after a Clovis West graduation party where she had tri-tip. (Tri-tips are often mechanically tenderized which may push contamination on the surface of the meat into the interior, thereby making in far more difficult to kill).

The Fresno County Health Department says 20 cases have been reported. Dr. Ed Moreno, Fresno County Public Health Director, says, “There are actually several cases that are under investigation by public health staff. In particular, we have three private events that have come to our attention.” Each occurred May 19th. “Among these three events, there was one common supplier of food, ” says Dr. Moreno. He continues, “There was also a wedding and another graduation party and everybody narrowed it down to the meat. Everybody was picking up their meat at the same time, at the Meat Market.”

See video from Channel 47 too.

  • Vernon Megee

    I am retired from the wholesale meat business in Fresno after 15 years and I must tell you that when
    the USDA revamped the meat inspection program it was a big mistake. The change basically makes the plant management inspect for sanitation and fill out paperwork every morning. Then when the inspector arrives the production has already started. The inspector first checks the paperwork then goes inside the production area, he or she does not know for sure that all product contact surfaces have been properly cleaned and sanitized prior to production.
    Most plants have the same inspectors for several months or years and from my personal experience they get very lax in their duties. They get friendly with management and often look the other way when things are not done according to FSIS standards. Changes need to be made in the inspection program and inspectors need to do their job and not sit in the office and drink coffee most of the day.