I missed (OK, I was not invited) the National Meat Association’s annual conference where Eldon Roth, Founder and Chairman of Beef Products Inc., announced that the company will post on its Web site 100 percent of its results from the processor’s testing for E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella. According to Meatingplace:

"We’re going to be 100 percent transparent," Roth told Meatingplace in an interview following the announcement.

Also, according to Meatingplace, BPI’s decision follows news reports by the New York Times questioning the efficacy of the company’s use of ammonia as an antimicrobial treatment for ground beef.

I guess that transparency only goes so far. BPI certainly does not want the public to see what is behind the research – here is our amended petition in response to BPI’s request for an injunction.

Click on above to download.