Great headline from Amy Derby (a.k.a “The FoodSnark”).  With 76,000,000 Americans being poisoned by food each year in the United States, it is surprising that more blogs on the topic have not surfaced – especially good blogs with original content. So, Amy, welcome aboard. So, food snark?

Snark, noun – Combination of "snide" and "remark". Sarcastic comment(s). Also snarky (adj.) and snarkily (adv.) His commentary was rife with snark. "Your boundless ineptitude is astounding," she snarkily declared.

The Food Snark put out a press release today:

FoodSnark Reporting Food Poisoning News and Safety Information in Time for the Holidays

Derby’s combines education with humor in a way she hopes will engage teen readers as well as adults. As she touches on in a recent post about ConAgra’s relabeled Banquet pot pies, it is often teens who are preparing their own meals without knowing the risks they’re taking simply by nuking an after-school snack.

"If can help keep one kid out of the hospital this holiday season," Derby says, "I’ll consider that my Christmas present."

Welcome aboard Amy and her rabbit………