I know it is a bit odd for a foodborne illness trial lawyer to act as publisher (think of me as a good Rupert Murdoch) of an online newspaper, but I a very proud of what the staff, interns, freelancers and contributing writers have accomplished over the last year, and look forward to FSN’s continued opperation. Having people in D.C., Denver and Seattle has allowed FSN quick access to several of the major foodborne illness outbreaks in the last year (FSN was on the ground during the Gulf Oil Spill, the Wright County Egg Recall, etc.), as well as second by second coverage (via twitter) of what is, or is not happening in DC.  Here is some of the story of FSN:

Food Safety News encourages contributed articles and Op-eds.  Take the time to let your voice be heard.  Also, thanks the subscribers and readers.  Although small by New York Times standards, FSN is catching up.