Andrew Martin wrote for the New York Times today:

In Fear and Scandal, Some Find a New Drum to Beat

The article is an interesting overview of the problems that have developed with free trade with China – with food specifically.  However, I am a bit worried that if we start focusing on food from China as the biggest problem, we will loose sight of the fact the US businesses poison more consumers than China does by far.  Although, I talked to him only briefly, it was great to know someone other that my mom and dad read my blog. Here are the best parts:

This may look like a snack. To a lawyer, it looks like a lawsuit.

William Marler, a Seattle lawyer, says the reports of contaminated food from China have opened all sorts of opportunities. He specializes in representing clients who have gotten sick from eating tainted food. His most recent case was filed against the manufacturer of a product called “Veggie Booty,” a snack popular with children. In some bags, the “veggie” seasoning — made in China — was contaminated with salmonella, which sickened at least 57 people.

“My guess is that with increased globalization, and the billions of dollars at play, and with the denial of the Chinese that there even is a problem, I had better brush up on my Chinese,” Mr. Marler wrote on his blog –

We have done thousands of Salmonella cases in the last 15 years.  I can be reached at

The above picture (note, China Shipping Lines) was taken by my daughter, Morgan, Friday evening from the ferry coming home from Seattle.  Some earlier posts on China and Veggie Booty:

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