Since last Thursday we are in the process of responding to over 3,000 emails or phone calls for people from nearly every State and several foregin countries about salmonella-contaminated peanut butter.  Our great staff and attorneys are working hard to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

We have asked people to respond to my email – – and to provide us with the names and ages of all family members who became ill after eating the peanut butter, as well as a phone number and mailing address so that we can mail an investigation packet (questionnaire, releases and retainer agreement) and begin collecting information about the claim.

In addition:

  • We encourage all people who are still experiencing symptoms of a Salmonella infection to seek medical attention and to obtain a stool test, which your primary physician can order and have done at a local lab. Your local health department may also be of some assistance in having a stool test done.
  • Retain any jars of Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter (with code beginning 2111) that you have not yet thrown away, whether opened or not. If there are jars that you have recently thrown away that are retrievable, please take them out of the trash and keep them. Please place the jars in a plastic bag and keep the bag in an area where the peanut butter will not be exposed to extreme temperatures; this can be the refrigerator (not the freezer) or a cupboard. Marler Clark is in the process of retaining a private lab, where we will send the peanut butter for testing.

  • Please also immediately notify your county’s health department of the fact that you have suffered a gastrointestinal illness after eating peanut butter that is subject to the national recall. The purpose of this call is not to have the health department test the peanut butter-although that is permissible if they want to do that-but to create a record of the fact that you have reported a gastrointestinal illness possibly related to the peanut butter outbreak.
  • If the health department does want to test your peanut butter, please photograph the jar(s) before handing them over, and please write down the details of your transaction with the health department official. In other words, please memorialize all identifying information on the peanut butter jar (brand, lot number, etc.); write down the name of the health official who has taken the jar; have the health official sign the document; date the document; and sign the document yourself. Once you’ve taken these steps, it is OK to let the health official take your jar of peanut butter.
  • Jay

    E-coli gets on onions and spinach via cow feces. How does Salmonella get on peanut butter?

  • Jim Robinson

    Our seven year old son Hayden Robinson became severely ill with a gastrointestinal illness and has been back and forth to the doctor. He has been suffering cramping, nausea, severe temperatures and dehydration. We have just now been able to obtain a stool sample and we have the Peter Pan Peanut Butter container secured as you have recommended.
    We will notify the Health Department tomorrow.
    We were unable to access the above form but I can list for you here my son’s name, address and phone #.
    We definitely want you to remain in contact with us as we are extremely upset that our son has had to suffer like this. Most of his physical pain and suffering occured before there was any knowledge of the Salmonella poisoning outbreak however he did visit the doctor on more than one occasion and he missed several days of school. His doctor’s initial reaction was that he might be experiencing a reoccurence of his Lactose Intolerance that he suffered as an infant. It now however appears to be Salmonella poisoning from the Peter Pan Peanut Butter.
    Hayden Robinson
    15275 Quail Hollow Court
    Granger, IN 46530
    Jim and Lori Robinson

  • Christine Booker

    I have two jars if you need some more to test. One probably from Nov. or Dec. and one we were eating out of last week. We’ve been sick on and off all winter

  • margaret m.poole

    sickend on peter pan peanut butter on feb6&7 thout i had stomach flu until couple days later a recall was out on2111 which i HAD PUT ON TOAST CALLED my hmo 24hour nurse to find out how long it stays in your system was feeling better after a couple days.