Dennis Ferrier reported from WSMV TV in Nashville this evening on the illness of the Bellevue toddler and the lawsuit I filed on behalf of a young boy from Indiana.

The Video says it all: Bellevue Child Catches Salmonella From Health Food

Parker Mitchell has been confirmed as Tennessee’s only case of salmonella poisoning linked to Veggie Booty.

The Mitchells were going about their business at Riverwalk in west Nashville. But when they stopped to change their son’s diaper and discovered it was full of blood, they knew something was wrong.  “Once he finally recovered from the stomach issues associated with the salmonella, then a whole new stage of the disease started and he had a high fever for a week or so. We knew that he was really, really sick, because obviously we’ve got a really active 2-year-old, and he doesn’t sit still very often … We knew something was really horrible,” said mother Chastity Mitchell.  The Mitchell’s pediatrician told them the salmonella may have moved into Parker’s bloodstream. They didn’t even want to think what that might mean.  “That’s when the potential for aneurysms occur, when it gets in the bloodstream. That’s what the biggest risk of salmonella is. You can have severe hemorrhaging or death from the aneurysm,” said father Bo Mitchell.  The child got better, but only afterward did the Mitchells figure out the cause was the Veggie Booty snacks — a high-end health food kids snack.  “You go and buy a specialty product from a specialty store for your child, and you think you’re getting the best you can get for your child, and the result is salmonella,” said Mitchell.

A lawsuit has already been filed in the Veggie Booty recall.  An Indiana family is suing after their 18-month-old child became sick.