The FDA has found nine positive E. coli O157:H7 samples from one of the four ranches implicated previously – several hundred environmental samples have been taken.  The samples have been found in cattle feces, a water sample and in the intestinal lining of a feral pig (YES, they killed the pig).  The positive samples from this ranch have been linked to the spinach outbreak – both from ill people and samples from left over DOLE spinach bags.

Although the FDA refuses to name the ranch (Why is that?), it has confirmed that the implicated spinach field (consisting of 50 acres) is within 1/2 mile from the ranch cattle pasture and a water source.  The FDA and CDHS also confirmed that feral pigs do enter the spinach field from the cattle pasture and water source.  Broken fences, as well as feral pig tracks, were found in the spinach field.  The spinach field and the cattle ranch appear to be owned jointly.

So, when will the FDA and CDHS let the public know what cattle/spinach ranch is the likely source of the E. coli contamination?  See this morning’s LA TIMES Article by Ron Lin.  And, see “Wild pigs eyed in tainted spinach probe.”