Since I filed the Petition last October, Mr. Derfler and I have kept up a lively pen pal relationship.  Here is his latest:

I continue to hope that one day I will get a letter from Mr. Derfler saying that FSIS simply now finds that in fact non-O157’s are in fact adulterants.

  • I believe the science is done.
    A decision is needed by the program responsible for developing and recommending all domestic and international inspection and enforcement related policy for the Food Safety and Inspection Service.
    But I bet your petition will eventually be sent to an advisory committee.

  • Walt Hill

    The science may be done but almost as thorny a problem is that of implementation. FSIS has to determine what method(s) are most appropriate for detecting and confirming non-O157 STECs and then validate them.
    Also, there is the problem of basing the classification on serotype and/or virulence factors. Would it be sufficient to make all stx+ eae+ strains pathogens or do they have to fall into a select and narrow group of serotypes?

  • Walt, help me here. Our 5,000 tests seemed to work well and the FDA’s test seem to work OK. Can you help me understand the implementation issue?
    On classification – I am really only interested it serotypes that can sicken people – perhaps the CDC’s “big six”?