The Hartford Conneticutt Courant reported that The Town Farm Dairy has stopped producing and selling milk and milk products indefinitely after four people contracted E. coli O157:H7, linked to raw milk they bought from the Simsbury farm. We learned that the four ill are children ages 2-7 and that some, if not all, developed Hemolytic Uremic SyndromeSee TV News coverage.

I have been blogging about raw milk for awhile – I am busier than ever.

  • Matt

    This doesn’t make me too angry, and I’d think it’d be a difficult case, because isn’t there an assumed risk with raw milk? I certainly wouldn’t drink it.
    And it doesn’t look like this milk came off a feedlot either. Looks like a happy place for cows, eating grass at the very least.
    Still a tragedy, but who the heck gives raw milk to kids??

  • Melissa

    This story has an all too familiar ring to it!!