Abott Laboratories Incl. is voluntarily recalling one of its baby powder products. It is the Similac baby formula. According to the company,

Similac-Recall-Baby-formula-may-be-contaminated1.jpgSimilac baby formula may contain beetle larvae and some tiny insect parts in certain lot numbers because in one of their manufacturing facilities, beetles were found. The batch of products suspected to be contaminated does not have much health risk as earlier it was with egg recall and the dangers of Salmonella infections.

The possible symptoms for these contaminated Similac baby formula after feeding a baby are stomach ache and/or refusal to eat.

Below are the recalled lots:

• Some plastic containers of Similac powder product

• Containers of sizes 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans

  • Richard Rivera

    Wow whats next? We can’t even keep poor innocent little infants safe.But don’t tell that to our so called leaders in Washington D.C they will just turn a deaf ear to it and then deny they ever knew there was a problem.

  • Furious mother

    As if we mothers don’t have enough to worry about. It’s not enough that our infants need the formula and it’s $20 a pop, now the costly formula is being recalled! Come on people get your act together your making infant formula!!! Your #1 priority should be that the plant is clean & well sanitized where you manufacture INFANT FORMULA. People get on the ball! It could be your children & grandchildren drinking the crap! How would you like that stuff in food you count on eating everyday!

  • Sarah

    Being one of the mothers who’s infant had some of the recalled formula I have to say that this is absolutely rediculous! My 6 month old daughter has had an upset stomach and stomache ache for over a week and the doc’s just said it was the flu. Now it all makes sense that these are the symptoms of the contaminated formula. I will NEVER buy similac EVER again!!!!

  • Ann

    One more reason to give your kid breast milk- at least THAT doesn’t contain beetle larvae.

  • Sherri

    First of all, @Ann. That was really rude. As I would love nothin more than to BF my daughter, who’s formula was recalled, it isn’t a possibility. So take your high and mighty some place else.
    My baby has had an upset stomach and stuff for a week. 24.00 a carton for infested formula. I hope there’s some kind of reimbursement.

  • Brooke

    This reply is to Ann! Thanks for reminding everyone that “breast is best” As if mothers don’t already feel guilty enough for every little detail we do or don’t do. Should we come to you with all of our woes? What preschool should I put my child in, or should I make my own baby food – Do you make your own “home grown organic” baby food that you and your own family fertilize with your own “home grown dung?” Do you go that far, Ann?

    I “breastfed” my child and just recently started to ween him, as of now he’s 10 months and I gave him Similac to supplement during the process. My son unfortunately experienced the contaminated formula and has suffered the GI symptoms. I’ve returned this product and replaced with another. Hopefully my son and many other babies will recover without any further complications.

    As for you “Ann” it’s not about “you” and “your breasts” – remind yourself that babies are involved and then and only then open your mouth, however, I am not willing to listen.

  • Ashleigh

    My newborn was poisoned by the Similac formula for a week and a half. When I was on the phone with them, they told me if I sent back the can then they would sent me a new one! My duaghter had stomach cramps, severe diarria, spit up, and in the end, a fever of 99.7! She was 4 weeks old! Hell no, I’m not giving back the can, nor do I want their formula.

  • Lisa

    This is only one of the risk of feeding babies formula.

  • A Mother

    I have several cans that I saved from my child who is now two as I was expecting and decided to keep the formula. However, this was about a year ago and they have just realized that the formula is unsafe and to recall them. I now understand why my children had an upset stomach.

  • Kevin

    @Sherri — while it’s sad that you aren’t able to BF your daughter, what Ann said is true and she shouldn’t be reprimanded for it because you’re unfortunate situation has left you bitter and insecure. Sadly, many women who aren’t in your shoes CHOOSE not to breast feed because they don’t want to put in the effort to learn the propre way and they give up out of discomfort. Others quit because of psychological reasons, like how it makes them feel embarrassed or exposed or unnatural (yes, believe it or not). These are the facts. Rock on Ann.

  • Reina

    It isn’t an “unfortunate” situation if a mother cannot breast feed, sometimes mother’s PHYSICALLY cannot breast feed. Like you would know, “kevin”. I was breast feeding but needed surgery. How is that feeling embarrassed or exposed? I knew the proper way and was not uncomfortable. So, THOSE are facts as well.
    My 5 month old has had a severe stomach ache 3 days, fever, diarrhea, the whole 9 yards. This is ridiculous. On another site, the makers of Similac supposedly knew about this incident a week ago.

  • Rather than having commercial milk for your babies there is a safest way to feed them- breastfeeding. Just try to think losing weight is just one of the those benefits of breastfeeding, insteresting isn’t it? I do hope that similac management will do their best for the wellness of our babies.

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  • April

    I am so mad. My 7 month old daughter has had diarrhea since Sunday. She also has been crying in her sleep at night (which she never does) and today refused to eat some of her feedings (very unsual for her). None of my other kids have had the stomach flu lately. I just learned of this recall this morning. I am so angry, especially since it was discovered over a week ago and yet Abbott didnt recall the product until yesterday. The can of formula we have is one with a lot number being recalled. We as consumers need to really do something about this. My precious baby girl has been suffering!!!!!!!

  • William Ainsworth

    I don’t know why you are getting upset about Ann’s remark. She is only stating the truth that Breast is best. My wife breast feeds our child and make all her own food from fresh pureed vegetables. As she is a vegan we use soya instead of cow’s poison. Our baby is doing fine and is very healthy. It’s hard work but it’s worth it.

  • EMom

    My baby came home from the hospital drinking the recalled similac. I thought I had a colic baby. Screaming, fever, diarrhea, stomach cramps. After changing her formula, she got better within 2 weeks. Where is the FDA on this? Who protects us from all the poisoning going on? I don’t remember this stuff happening when I was a child. Does anyone know of the long term effects or is it just food poisoning? As far as the breastfeeding issues that have came up, it’s an individual choice. We all know that it is better for the baby. If I could make you do what I thought was best, it might just be to keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Jordan

    As for the breastfeeding comments, I do not understand why you feel the need go as far as: 1)looking up the similac recall 2) going to this website and 3) posting your views about breastfeeding. Obviously you do not feed your children Similac formula, so why is this YOUR concern? To put other moms down about not breastfeeding? I tried. I went to the classes. I am 20 years old, a very young mom and my mother passed away 2 weeks before I had my daughter, with the stress and fatigue and just plain sadness, I was physically unable to breastfeed. I could not make milk. The doctors, and yes I spoke to a few, said that stress commonly affects women’s ability to breastfeed. Many women, not just cases like mine, experience stress in the beginning of motherhood. Every mom wants the best for their child, so dont push your views on other people. Most know the breastfeeding is best…. but some are just unable to do so.
    but as for the similac, my daughter in on it and has had GI discomfort in the past few days.. on sunday, she had 20 bloody bowel movements, yes 20. we took her to the ER, and they took a sample of her bowel movement. They suspected salmonella… has anyone else heard of this? We havent gotten the results back yet. They said there has been an outbreak in infants around our town, and im just curious if it goes hand in hand with the similac…

  • Gavin

    Unfortunately Yes! My wife and I had the same thing with our little girl and the results DID come back salmonella poisoning… and yes, we did have Similac from the recalled bunch.

  • Jill

    I can’t believe the nasty comments going back and forth about breastfeeding and formula feeding! The point is babies are sick and as mothers we all want out children to be healthy!
    I’ve done both and there are pros and cons to both ways of feeding. I got cervical cancer when my baby was 3 months old and underwent a hysterectomy a month later. Thank god for formula because I was away for 5 days and on so much medication, I couldn’t breastfeed anymore! Shame on any mother who is saying it’s bad to feed your baby formula. Breastmilk or Formula, it’s food and baby needs to eat.
    Both are good…let’s try to support eachother and stop arguing this issue. Would we want our children to be so judgmental of others??

  • Jaclyne

    I’m pretty disgusted by all this too. I just bought 2 large boxes of the similic formula and then flew off to Sweden for 2 weeks to be with family. I noticed my baby hardly ate at all the first week there. We thought it was just jet lag, but no, it was BEETLE BULLSH#T. After I returned to the States, THEN I got an email about the recall, checked my products and they were both BAD. I’m pretty upset that on that long trip he was suffering from this kind of crap.

  • Grace

    Totally agree with Jordan, and to those mom’s breastfeeding is not a possibility for every mom. Some mom’s actually put ahead the well being of their kids before breastfeeding them if these mom’s are on medication. If your kids are on breastmilk then you have nothing to worry about, find something better to do with your days!

  • Laverne

    My daughter was on Similac too had really bad stomach issues including really strange bowel movements. She was tested and the results came back that she had salmonella poisoning. I think this is related to the recall. So what’s next???

  • Concerned Mom

    My son tested positive for Salmonella after consuming recalled Similac. We would not have known this if his stool hadn’t been tested.


    I am so mad i just recived a letter in the mail today and it is the first time I heard of this i feel so stupid for not being better informed. As all moms know we’ are so busy.

  • Philip

    My Grand Daughter was born September 24th 2010 and was scheduled to go home on the 26th but due to blood in her stool was transferred to a children’s hospital into the NICU. After further testing they determined she had Salmonella. The original hospital where she was born (Methodist West in West Des Moines Iowa) had been giving her Similac Advanced Premix formula. The formula has to be how she contracted Salmonella as the mother was not breast feeding do to some medications she was taking. After a week in the NICU she was able to go home and is doing well now. I did report this to the manufacturer and they gave me a call back two weeks later and offered free coupons but also wanted further info on how the hospital treated her for the Salmonella etc…… When I told the manufacturer about how I had read in the news about how the recalled formula may cause Salmonella she stated that it was impossible for babies to get Salmonella from Similac and it couldnt have come from the formula.

  • Worried Momma

    My 2 month old daughter had a whole can of this and got Ecoli from it it…we ended up in the hospital because of this with a 102 F fever in a two month old!!! I’ve been trying to relactate to avoid from this happening again!

  • Beryl Moore

    October 13,2010
    My son is 4 months old and has had diarrhea since Saturday 10/09/2010 @about 12pm and spitting up. My question is how long does this last in their systems and what need to be done? What am I supposed to just sit watch my baby continue to be fussy and irritated and just let someone to tell me to just let run its’ course. No I think not something need to be done and done quickly.

  • launa

    my daughter has been on Similac since i had her and she has been sick for other week now…well i know why know and my baby doctor is doing a test on her and her doctor thinks that my daughter got salmonella well she better not have it………y’all make baby formula y’all need to get on the ball and do things right…us mothers have a lot to worry about with are babies i will never bye similac again

  • Those beetles are just protein….. I eat em evry day

  • Beth

    When my son was born I was breastfeeding and supplementing with similac. I unfortunately was unable to continue to BF him due to a digestive issue. We had to put him on Similac soy. Shortly after he was diagnosed with salmonella. He has had positive cultures now for almost 3 months. He is only 4 months old!! We have gone through three rounds of antibiotics, and that still has not cleared it up. Something must be done about this issue.

  • Georgette

    My daughter is 18 months now she was using similac advanced (blue can) she was a month in a half when I noticed the diarrhea, irritated skin and projectile reflex I called similac and the guy told me to also send the can in the mail and he’ll send her a new can along with similac coupons I clearly did not. To this day my daughter has problems with her skin