I laugh sometimes that I spend 100% of my time suing companies for poisoning their customers and 100% of my time trying to convince them to do the opposite.  As I have said far too frequently over the last 30 years – “there is a business reason and a moral reason not to poison your customers.”

This month, besides the 323 people with acute liver failure I need to help, the half a dozen sickened or killed by milkshakes tainted with Listeria, the 109 sickened by E. coli in 2022 that Wendy’s ignores, or the 42 college kids with E. coli in Arkansas, I got a lot on my plate.

In addition to the litigation, I will also work on some persuasion this month.

I have an interview with Scripps on the recall issues with Trader Joe’s at 6:00 AM tomorrow my time.

A Poisoned screening with law students at University of Arkansas this week and an interview on the Sarah Fraser Show.

The I am off to the Global Crisis Management Summit in the UK while finding time for a Podcast on something simple as modernizing US Food Safety.

Then the Highfield Improving Food Safety Webinar.

Then the DC Poisoned premier for Congress members and Senators (perhaps the President too?) – if I can get there, and then.

The San Antonio Texas Trial Lawyers speech.

I have some Education and Litigation in Food Safety Education Month.