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As of today, new numbers in E. coli O104:H4 outbreak – Robert Koch Institute and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control – E. coli in Germany – 3228 Ill, 781 with HUS and 35 Dead. 102 Ill, 39 HUS in 14 other countries (including U.S.) and 1 death in Sweden.

Today the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) announced that epidemiological evidence from Lower Saxony authorities confirmed the suspicion that sprout seeds (bean?) could have contributed to the contamination.

Lower Saxony reported a recent case in which homegrown sprouts (bean?) were the cause of E. coli O104:H4 disease in a family. However, the pathogen was not yet proven to be in the seeds (I assume that means not cultured from the seeds).

BfR, therefore recommends to not consume raw sprouts (of any kind?)even if sprouted at home.

(Google and Marler translation)

  • Carl Custer

    A long time ago (but after the thunder lizards had perished) while investigating potential sources for botulinal spores in honey, FDA did a “dog & pony” show showing that bees would drink from puddles of water.
    Likely someone has done something similar for how enteric bacteria become encased in seeds.
    Dang bees and butterflies need to receive hygenic practices training –or — a GAP for growing seeds for sprouts could be clean drinking water sources for the pollinators?
    Oh, and separation of pathogen positive dairies and feed lots from crop areas (assuming APHIS will remain uninterested in human pathogens until Congress passes an Act.)