Seattle lawyer William Marler has filed a lawsuit in Kansas City for a Missouri family that became sick after eating peanut butter.

William Marler says the lawsuit filed today in federal court is the first in the salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 300 people in 39 states.

Brian and Susanna Cox of St. Joseph and their two children became sick in October after consuming Great Value Peanut Butter purchased at a Wal-Mart Superstore.

The outbreak has been traced to certain batches of that brand and Peter Pan peanut butter, both manufactured by ConAgra Foods.

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  • Steve Myrick

    My wife and I have the PeterPan product with the 2111 code on the lid. We were both very sick the end of December 2006, after eating some of the peanutbutter. We didn’t know at the time where the gastro sickness came from. We have saved the lid and wondered if we had a case in which someone would be interested in?
    Steve Myrick
    Arlington, Texas

  • Steve Myrick

    My wife and I have the PeterPan product with the 2111 code on the lid. We were both very sick the end of December 2006, after eating some of the peanutbutter. We didn’t know at the time where the gastro sickness came from. We have saved the lid and wondered if we had a case in which someone would be interested in?
    Steve Myrick
    Arlington, Texas

  • Rita J Goode

    I don’t know what to do or if I can do anything at all. I did save both jars of the Peter Pan Peanut Butter with the 2111 code on the lids, and have them stored in the refrigerator in plastic bags.
    My son was sick for three days with severe diarrea, vomiting, fever and headaches. Then I got sick, and then my husband.
    My son missed school for three days (immediately after missing the entire week before due to the ice storm in Oklahoma.I only got behind on my houseworkwhile I was vomiting and struggling with diarrea, cramps, fever and nausea. My husband missed work for two days…and doesn’t get sick pay, being self employed, and all….). I spent money on Imodium, Pepto Bismol and Tums, chicken soup fixin’s (homemade) and 7-up.
    My husband had a double hernia repair in September of 05, and has two mesh patches in his groin. When he was sick, he heaved and vomited so much…and so strenuously that he also had severe pain in his surgery repaired groin from the physical strain of heaving so much and so often. He thinks the mesh has torn away and he has damaged the repair done by surgery.
    Does ConAgra REALLY think that giving the public a $2.89 refund will be all that they should do?

  • Dale Wiediger

    I too have been sick lately. One night I even accused my wife, or bad freezer food, of giving me food poisoning. Was I sick! I told several people I had been food poisoned. I just now haven’t been sick for a while. I almost had a peanut butter sandwich last night. I still have a partly used jar in the frig.
    Sick in w/s Washington

  • Carlos Ornelas

    Hello my little girl of 5 was sick with the same gastrointestinal illnesses last week and was very ill and hard to take her too the urgent care, im very upset that she went trough alot of pain. I also missed a week of work because of this, we still have the jars of peanut butter and i do not want to destroy them for fear of not have proof that they made here very ill.
    Thanks and if there is something i can do please let me know

  • P. Lewis

    I purchased a jar of Great Value peanut butter with the 2111 code on the lid. I suddenly became very ill January 31, 2007, after eating some of the peanut butter. Two of our children and my husband also became ill after eating some of the peanut butter the first week of February 2007. We also did not know at the time where the gastrointestinal illness came from. We have saved the entire jar and wonder if we have a case in which William Marler would be interested in.
    P. Lewis
    Sioux City, IA

  • Tamarah Schirm

    Both of my children were extremely ill December 26th to the point we had to call our peditrician. We were extremly worried our daughter she threw-up even small amounts of liquid. She threw-up for 21 hours straigt. The doctor on call instructed us to let it run its course. She had never been this sick before in her life. Our son soon followed with the same simptoms. This led our peditrician to think it was the stomache flu. We have 2 jars of the Peter Pan Peanut butter with the 2111 code. I would like to pay to have the jar tested to see if this is the culprit. My children received from Santa a trip to go skiing in Colorado that was cancelled due to their illness. Would you be interested in our case?

  • Rhonda Daugherty

    My husband and I have the “Great Value” brand peanut butter with the code 2111 on the lid, purchased at Wal-Mart,the beginning of Dec. 2006.After eating some of it we became very sick.My husband got sick first and then 2 days later I became very ill.I went to the local clinci where they did blood work and a CT scan checking for blood cloths in my lower stomach area,since the pain was so severe.No blood cloths found,and my doctor told me I have a very bad case of the flu.About four days later my doctor called me back in for more blood work. He told me that my liver enzymes were 2 to 3 times the normal range on my first visit.When he reran the tests about 4 days later my liver enzymes were, then ok.My husband was sick from the 23 through the 25 of Dec. 2006, I became sick the 27 through the 31 of Dec.2006.Just wondering if we have a case in this Salmonella sickness?
    Rhonda Daugherty

  • James Pierce

    We purchased a jar of PeterPan peanutbutter on Sunday 2/10/07 at the Port Orange, FL Wal-Mart. I ate the peanutbutter on Mon, Wed, and Thurs., before being aware it was recalled. Monday afternoon I became very ill, severe stomache pains, vommitting. I am just today beginning to feel some relief. We have the part of jar of peanutbutter. We are vacationing in FL, needless to say this past week is a total loss. We tried calling the toll free number to no avail, it either was busy or temporally out of service. Any suggestions on what we should do.
    James Pierce

  • Douglas Cimini

    Me and my roommate have been eating the Peter Pan peanut butter with the 2111 code since mid December atleast 2 times a week for lunch. We have been sick numerous times and just thought we were getting a cold. I have saved the jar in a zip lock bag and put it in my fridge. We are intersted in pursuing this case and are wondering what is the next step in this matter. Please feel free to contact us by email.
    Douglas Cimini
    Southwest, FL

  • herschel henderson

    I became very sick after eating peter-pan so sick i had to go to the hospital where they treatment with antibodies for a bateria infection I lost work days
    and I had very sharp pain for serval days

  • Algernon Paige

    I’ve eating Peter Pan Peanut Butter for awhile and i have never felt like this. Vomitting,dizziness,diarrea,stomach cramps,fever,nausea,and headaches for several months now. I spent money on Pepto Bismol, and Imodium. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but i knew something was wrong!!! Would you please contact me asap! And let me know what i need to do next. Al
    Fort Worth, TX.

  • Patricia Richards

    Hello, I need a lawyer to represent me, In December I was so sick I went to the Dr.every 2or3 days, at the time i had severe stomach cramps, dirarrhea, sweats and fever.My Dr. and I didn’t know why I was so sick until the news came out about the peanut butter. I am still sick and going to the Doctor.
    I have been to the hospital several times for this sickness. Patricia Richards

  • George Burton

    On Jan. 1, 2007 I ate some of the peanut butter in question late that evening(Monday) and I was in the
    hospital by Wednesday for a severe intestional infection. I have never been so sick in my life.
    The vomiting was so severe that I think I tore a muscle or a nerve because mf left leg and foot have numness and pain. Is there any recourse?

  • David and Carrie Newsom

    We have a jar of the Great Value Walmart brand peanut butter. My wife ate it for about 3 days and got very sick She took 1 1/2 days off work. My older daughter became very sick as well but only ate a small amount of peanut butter. I had 2 sandwiches from the bottle and became sick too. I had to take a full day off work in which I didnt have the energy to even get out of bed, all day which is not like me. My youngest daughter never ate any of the peanut butter and she was the only one that did not get sick. My wife and I are both self employed. Taking a day off for us means money from our pockets. Conagra needs to step up and pay back those who lost money by eating their product. More than just the price of the product, pay back the time lost from work, doctors bills, product refund and pain and suffering as well.David S newsom-Spokane

  • Steven Smith

    My wife and I were getting sick every weekend after we were going skiing. We would feel very sick with stomach flu like symptoms that would last for 3-5 days, and then it would start all over after the next time we would go skiing. Everytime we would go up skiing my wife was packing up peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Well, about a month ago I applied for a life insurance policy after an unexpected death in my family opened my eyes to it’s importance. The blood results came back with an elevated Liver Enzyme level and the company said that if I wanted the coverage that my monthly payment would double. We continued to have the strange experiences of getting sick after skiing and the learned of the peanut butter jars contaminated with Salmonella. Sure enough when we checked our Great Value peanut butter to see if it was one of the numbers that was possibly contaminated, it was. We saved the bottle and I am wondering if there is something I can do about this. I was unable to afford the doubled payment for the insurance because of the elevated Liver enzymes and have been very sick on and off for about two months, as has my wife. Please contact me if you fell I have a case and if so, how I should move forward to get this resolved.
    Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter

  • Jim Lynch

    I purchased Great Value, WalMart peanut butter approximately 5 days ago Approximately 11-4-2007.. I used it several time since then. Last night, 11-12-07. I woke up with severe cramping in stomach, lower intestines, and kidneys, with the pain extending up to my shoulders. It was so painful, that the only thing that could help at all was to continually walk around, then to sit on the toitlet hoping to relieve some pressure. I thought it could possibly be a heart attack or gall bladder attack – I felt that my chest and lower intestines were going to explode outward. It wasn’t until going on-line to research the symptoms, that I discovered reports of these symptoms having been caused by Great Value. WalMart peanut butter, besides Peter Pan peanut butter. It hurts very much when I walk, get out of a car, step off a curb, etc. I feel like I just had abdomian surgery. I am keeping the jar of peanut butter to prove what I have stated above. What “kills me” is that WalMart is STILL selling this same peanut butter. So, if you have any of this peanut butter, by all means don’t eat it!