According to AP reports today, “Nutgate” has turned into a “finger-pointing” match of “he said, she said.” The spokeswoman from Setton, the pistachio maker, said today “that Kraft Foods Inc. detected salmonella in its pistachios more than six months ago but did not inform [Setton] until last week [March24]” when Kraft also informed the FDA.

The Kraft spokeswoman said today that it did “not know until recently that pistachios were the cause of salmonella contamination in a trail mix and promptly informed their nut supplier, Setton…. [The] spokeswoman said their manufacturer Georgia Nut Co. first found the bacteria in its Kraft Back to Nature Nantucket Blend trail mix in September, but it took more than six months of careful ingredient testing to determine what caused the contamination.”

Really? Six months? Something just does not smell right.