The premiere of the Netflix Documentary, “Poisoned,” is a few weeks away (June 9) at the Tribeca Film Festival. We are thankful that the folks at Netflix are also allowing us to do a premiere night on Bainbridge Island on July 2. The small, historic Lynwood Theatre holds only about 250 people – but they sell local beer and wine. All tickets will be free and everyone will be asked to donate to our local food bank, Helpline House. The tickets will be available for reservation soon.

My new obsession, T-shirts will be available at the time of the movie premiere along with photos on the red carpet. Poisoned Books will be there for sale by Eagle Harbor Books, and signature by the author, Jeff Benedict. There will also be a special guest MC to do a short Q and A after the movie.

This is quite glam for Bainbridge Island.

For those that want a free T-shirt early, please send me an email with your mailing addressAFTER – you donate whatever you can to Helpline House. I am starting out with a seed gift of $5,000. Here is the link to donate – Thank you so much.

Here is the shirt in the package:

Here is the front:

Here is the back: