Screen shot 2011-01-21 at 4.04.32 PM.pngJoshua Wolfson of the Star-Tribune wrote today that the House Agriculture Committee defeated the bill that would have legalized some sales of raw milk in Wyoming by a 6-3 vote. Two days earlier, the same committee killed legislation that would have removed government oversight of home-produced foods sold directly to customers.  The raw milk bill would have allowed sales through what are known as “herd-share agreements.” Basically, consumers purchase a share of a cow or goat, pay a rancher for a portion of its care, and in return, get some of its milk.  All sales of raw milk are illegal in Wyoming.

However, in Oregon House Bill 2222 was quietly submitted.  The Bill would allow licensing of facilities for processing and distribution of unpasteurized milk. The Bill, if passed, would become operative January 1, 2012. The Bill would authorize the State Department of Agriculture to establish bacterial standards for pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. Makes violation of standards punishable by maximum of $1,000 fine, one year’s imprisonment, or both, and subject to civil penalty, not to exceed $10,000.  You can dowload the full text of the bill.

Judging from the visits that Real Raw Milk Facts has received from Wyoming, Humboldt County California and Wisconsin, I expect to see some visitors from the State just south of me.