My chicken coop for my six chickens is a bit over budget.


With the purchase of the chickens, food, etc., and the coop, this is pressing on $5,000.  I am beginning to question the price per egg, and I have not yet tested the chickens and the eggs for Salmonella.

  • That’s not a chook shed, Bill – it’s a chicken hotel. I bet you put hot and cold running water in there for them, with sensor lights and spa pool.

    Based on New Zealand prices, I reckon your break-even period is about 12 years, not taking into account the cost of feed. However, if you let the chooks range free , the eggs taste and look really great.

    What provision have you made for cleaning out the manure pit?

  • rich

    that’s nicer than some hotels I stay at. Is available for weekend rentals?

  • Larry Andrew

    Bad news Bill….there is a public hearing scheduled to consider a change in zoning laws to outlaw chickens on residential property. The cost of deconstruction is $10,000.

  • Terry

    What, no fireplace and rain gutters?? That looks a bit over the top for a chicken coop.

  • Michael

    Will IEH Laboratories give you a discount for Salmonella testing, especially after you paid $500K for the company to perform your STEC project? :o)

  • Donna Byrne

    It’s so CLEAN! I’d buy eggs from you. But I think the chickens will be happier if you add flower boxes.

  • Did you get stimulus funds to build this?