Mighty Mouse is famous for singing, “Here I come to save the day!” when flying into action. Perhaps this is the mascot that the beleaguered Microbiological Data Program (MDP) should adopt.

Today Fresh Express Incorporated is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of 9 oz. Leafy Green Romaine Salad with the expired Use-by Date of September 16 as a precaution in an unlikely event that consumers may still have the expired salad in their refrigerators. The recall was necessitated by a positive test result for Listeria monocytogenes on a single package out of many samples collected for the U. S. Department of Agriculture random sample testing program.

Because it is beyond the expiration date, the salad is no longer available for sale in stores. No illnesses are reported in association with the product recall. No consumer complaints have been received about the salad. No other Fresh Express products are being recalled.

The recall notification is being issued out of an abundance of caution in keeping with the company’s commitment to protect the public health.

In an unlikely event consumers may still have this particular salad – now well beyond its Use-by Date and expected usability – in their refrigerators, they should not eat it and throw it out.

Recalled salad details are:

Product: Fresh Express Leafy Green Romaine Salad in a 9 oz. package

Use-by Date: September 16 (located in upper right hand corner of package)

Product Code: I246A5BMG (located in upper right hand corner of package)

Distribution: Primarily Midwest and Eastern states of the U.S.

According to Fresh Express instructions and retail store procedures, expired salads are removed from store shelves.