The story Lawmaker can’t find spinach in stores is from the same politician who believes "Wild Pigs" caused this outbreak.  If Congressman Farr really wanted to find spinach, he could have just left his office and driven to the Salinas and San Juan Valleys (see map below), but likely there were no cameras there to film this charade.  Where is one mention of the folks who died or will have life-long kidney complications?  Where is one mention of a real safety reform after dozens of past outbreaks

This is just a shallow attempt to curry favor of agri-business.  Instead of a staged event (that he couldn’t even pull off) why don’t business leaders, consumers and politicians work together to find a solution that works?  Doing a PR event like this is shameful.

I really should not beat up on politicians – they are held in even less esteem by the public than Trial Lawyers.