We need to think through beef and milk production in this Country.  My friend, Erik Marcus at www.vegan.com sent me this video. I am not a vegetarian – yet.  Be careful this video is disturbing:

  • S

    I wish more people would film these farms. After watching Food Inc. It seems like it’s against the law to say anything against them or take a picture. Also, the court case against Oprah was disturbing to see how much power the meat industry holds. I’m glad there are people like you, attorneys like you who can help go after these evil evil people who are violent & sooo wrong! This should not be happening, I am very, very sad that this is happening, it should not continue!

  • I expected to see a farmer or two in the video. Instead, I see no humans at all…

  • Lisa Peterson

    I sincerely hope these bastards are brought up on criminal charges.

  • Michael Edgar

    Looks like these jerks have what is needed to become a serial killer.

  • Marler, we finally agree on something regarding the videos on your blog.

  • Paul Nunes

    Please tell me this is an exhibit in a criminal case against these “people”.