The number of ill has risen to 20 and more can be expected.  Questions are still being raised as to when McDonalds and Rock Island County Department of Health knew when McDonalds had its first Hepatitis A ill employee.  I have been flooded with emails from local residents worried about their kids.  See below:

Customer 1:

I had to take my daughter to get a hepititis A shot last Thursday. I didn’t get the shot because I don’t have health insurance. McDonalds is my daughter’s favorite place to eat. I’m outraged that they didn’t take safety precautions, especially when the resturant is aimed towards little kids with an inside playground etc.

Customer 2:

We ate from the McDonalds in "Quad-City" Milan IL that has the Hepatitis A outbreak. about 8 times. before the health Dept had closed it down. today we will be going to the health dept for the free shots for this.  Myself and my wife have been stressed out over this whole matter. we called the health dept on friday july 17th they would not provide any info to us. we hav eonly learned about the shots today from the local news kwqc.