According to the Associated Press and the USDA, a Washington company is recalling ground beef distributed throughout the Northwest because the meat may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture said late Friday that Tyson Fresh Meats of Wallula, Wash. shipped 16,743 pounds of the suspect meat to distributors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.  The voluntarily recalled meat is packaged in 10-pound chubs of ground beef labeled “round, coarse ground beef, 85/15.”  The USDA said anyone who has the recalled meat should return it to the place they bought it.

Although this is one of the first recalls of E. coli-tainted meat that we have seen recently, it is disturbing that there is no mention of where the meat was actually sold – so how are consumers actually going to know if the should return it?

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