My "cyberfriend" –  the Fanatic Cook – once again covered for me and actually attended the – FDA Food Safety Teleconference For Bloggers.  I must admit I planned on listening in (and harassing a bit) but calling in three hours late did not help – that Westcoast/Eastcoast thing – I did, however, enjoy the music.  In any event, the Cook’s blog once again lays out some great ideas for our government –  fresh from the kitchen:

Comments and suggestions gleaned from my readers’ comments, as regards the proposed consumer web site called out in Sec 3.2 (or for the current FDA-managed

1.  Consider a blog format for the site. Daily updating is a plus!
2.  Incorporate an RSS feed (or other feed) for consumers to keep track of updates.
3.  Incorporate a search box where consumers can find specific information quickly, and that would not require browsing various agencies’ sites.
4.  Choose a site that prioritizes timely and complete content over links.
5.  Allow for consumer feedback (comments, media uploads, e.g. audio/visual). This could assist the adverse event detection need called out in Sec 2.3
6.  Include results of recent studies that address food contamination issues.
7.  Manage links, i.e. clean up, or notify owners of dead links, e.g. – Introduce yourself! And describe the purpose of the site.

The Food Law Professor, Donna Byrne, said that a replay of the call will be available through Nov. 21.  It can be heard by calling toll-free 866-502-6098, or toll 203-369-1859.