Kudos to Senator Dean Florez – If we ever needed a smart politician, here he is.  As reported today by ABC TV:

A Central Valley lawmaker says state and federal food and health agencies had ample warning but didn’t do enough to prevent E. coli outbreaks like the ones that have sickened nearly 200 consumers, killed three and shut down California’s spinach and lettuce production. Senator Dean Florez Wednesday convened a hearing to address the issue.

For me, my message was as blunt:

A lawyer representing 93 spinach victims told lawmakers more needs to be done.  William Marler victims’ attorney: "I don’t want to come back here a year from now and tell you there are more dead kids, more dead grandmas and more kids that are going to have more kidney failure."

Four are dead and almost 200 sick as a result of the E. coli spinach outbreak – Government and Industry – It is your move.