This is silly – hundreds of people sickened in 35 States and Con Agra issues no recall, FSIS tells us to not eat them, but don’t throw them away either, Health Departments tell us to throw them away  – and you still can buy them 2 for a $1.00 in Kansas:

Photo Credit — Amy Hubbell

And I made honorable mention on the BARFBLOG and SLAW, a blog.

  • ConAgra Foods Recalls All Banquet Pot Pies and Store Brand Pot Pies

    From a ConAgra Press Release: OMAHA, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 11, 2007–ConAgra Foods announced today that it is continuing its efforts to ensure consumer safety by voluntarily recalling all varieties of Banquet brand frozen pot pies and all varieti…

  • sassy

    My husband was sent to work in a ConAgra plant after the peanut butter recall. He had enough after 3 days, packed his bag and flew home. The condition of some of the plants are in horrible shape. Pipes leaking liquid down into the food below…Where are the FDA inspectors, and why do they continue to allow plants to opperate with 1950ish mechanics?

  • yar

    its all about the money! greed over safety :-(