WIFR reports that the Illinois State Health Department is investigating what led to a salmonella outbreak linked to some Central Illinois Subway shops. Two of the 34 cases have been reported in Ogle County. Candy Johnstone said she is one of the victims of the salmonella outbreak linked to subway shops throughout central Illinois. She said she ate a veggie sub at the location on 7th street in Rochelle about three weeks ago. It was the same time these illnesses started being reported. State Health Investigators said the 7th street location in Rochelle is being investigated because of two cases reported in Ogle County.

The attorney for this shop issued a statement. In part, it said that Subway has taken precautionary measures by destroying lettuce, green peppers, red onions, and tomatoes that are suspected ingredients for the outbreak. Subway corporate managers said all Subway locations have done this. They too, issued a statement today explaining they have high standards for produce vendors, and that all produce is checked by Subway and by third party auditors.

Really? Does Subway test all its lettuce for pathogens, like Salmonella?